Day 2, bring on the headache

Day 1 came to a close with some good motivation. I went to bed thinking, “man, I can do this.”

And then, Day 2 started, and I was feeling well, off. One of the major things I was missing in my day was coffee. I can go without the oatmeal in the morning, but please, please don’t take away my coffee.  Before this challenge I didn’t think I was addicted to caffeine. I was definitely not a soda junkie, but I did indulge in quite a bit of coffee every morning. I spent the morning of Day 1 drinking water and telling myself that I can get through a day without coffee, and now I am spending the morning of Day 2 thinking that I would actually kill someone for a nice, large, cup of smoking hot coffee.

But, and there is always a but. I have to confess, that I do not drink coffee black. I was a serial condiment adder…and for years I had to have my coffee loaded with cream and sugar. It just didn’t taste right without it. I think one of the reasons I liked coffee so much was it was a sweet alternative to eating something like a donut every morning. So I would wake up, brew some strong coffee and then pour in the creamers and sugar. Then, once I started trying to make my life healthier, I stopped the cream addiction and started using soy milk, not the best, but definitely better than Coffeemate cream. And now, two days in to the challenge and I am feeling the withdrawls. My head hurts and I am starving  by 9:15…and I ate breakfast less than an hour ago. This must change, I have to find a way to add coffee back into my life.

And then, the light at the end of the tunnel came, and after an angry status update about not being able to drink coffee may have popped up on my Facebook status, i had loads of friends, and fellow Paleo-ers giving me good tips to help. Some of them include: suffering through the blackness of coffee until my tastebuds change and I start liking it black- thanks but I think I’ll pass. 2. Drinking coffee with whipping cream and cinnimon, (although intrigued really didn’t want to go with the whipping cream) 3. adding coconut milk, (a great idea, but really really high in fat and calories and I didn’t want to add those in to my diet unless I had to) and 4. Almond milk. (hey that’s not a bad idea)…So it is off to the Whole Foods store to stock up on some Almond milk, and hopefully tomorrow, I will feel like myself again.

Breakfast- egg whites, avacado, fresh strawberries

Snack- cashews and cranberries

Lunch- salad (greens, crans, sunflower seeds -what I am calling my lemon dressing) part of a leftover Turkey sausage from dinner last night and an apple

Dinner- lunch meat rolls (which just includes a peice of turkey rolled up with avacado) broccoli and cauliflower, and an apple with cashew butter.

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