Poor Strawberries

To say yesterday I was grumpy was probably a slight understatement. I spent most of the morning at work in a complete funk and not happy about it. Overall the day was fine when I think about the paleo eating. I was hungry but not starving and I didn’t get out of control with my snack eating which is easy for me to do. My snack of choice, cashews and cranberries mixed together, is divine, and I don’t even like nuts. Having to introduce nuts into my diet was pretty hard at the beginning. I was one of those kids who wouldn’t even touch a sweet if it had a nut in it. Candy with nuts, no thank you. My mom would have to make two separate dishes if one contained nuts because I refused to eat them. Now, although it has taken me a while to adjust the taste buds, I can’t get enough of cashews. The other nuts are slow to catch on. I have tried walnuts…ugh, yuck.  Plain almonds make me gag and the list goes on. So as you can see, that was one part of the diet, that seems essential but also extremely hard for me. Anyways, Day 2 in retrospect seems like a success.

Now, Day 3 has come to a close and I can just say that it started out much much better than yesterday. For one, because it included…you guessed it, my precious coffee. Like I said, I bought some almond milk yesterday and brewed myself a strong cup this morning, poured a little almond milk, and viola a delicious, paleo-like coffee. Yes, I know, caffeine is not permitted, but believe me, for my sanity and the sake of trying to stay on this eating style, coffee is a must.

The rest of the day proceeded without a hitch, well in the food area that is. I had a decent lunch and then did some grocery shopping (finally) to get some fixin’s for the rest of the week. I can say that overall I feel fine except I am quite tired. I don’t want to pin it on Paleo because it could just possibly be lack of sleep or my busy work week. But for the last two days I have gotten off of work and come home to take a nap which I hadn’t done that in a really long time. Naps are probably one of my favorite past times. Besides working out I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else than napping. It just feels so great to relax in bed or on the couch and catch a quick cat nap. I do not, however, want my energy level to be going down so much that a nap is necessary. We will see how this continues as the week goes on.

breakfast egg whites &  avocado (I had a bowl of strawberries to eat on the way to work, yum…oh wait, except I didn’t get to eat them because as I was driving an ambulance was speeding towards me and in a panic I slammed on my breaks and the bowl went flying on the floor of my passenger side. Awesome. Definitely the only way I like to start my morning off.

Snack-half of a larabar

Lunch- lunch meat roll ups, apple, cashew butter, a hard-boiled egg

Dinner- ground turkey, salsa verde, broccoli/cauliflower mix, asparagus.

Snack- strawberries (finally) and a banana

    • Emme
    • April 8th, 2010

    I feel bad for you and your strawberries. I would have eaten them anyway. This is why you should keep a bottle of water in your car. You could have washed them off!

    • damaged justice
    • April 8th, 2010

    If you ditch any part of the egg, make it the white. Fat is where it’s at!

    Oh, and on the coffee front — I went cold turkey on sugar in it, and it was really rough for a couple of days but I adjusted surprisingly fast. Lots of heavy cream definitely helps, but I’m just as likely to drink it black now. That and plenty of water to drink made it a lot easier to cut down from a pot a day to two cups a day at most, and more often one or even none.

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