Stay Away You Filthy Egg

Ok, enough is enough. I couldn’t force another egg into my body today. I can’t do it!! I am actually sitting here gagging thinking about eating a hard-boiled egg, or scrambled, or anything that is white and oval-shaped. So this morning I had to try something new for breakfast. I was cruising along other Paleo sites last night for some good breakfast suggestions and stumbled upon a great recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple. He had posted a recipe called “No-atmeal” what he is calling a great alternative to oatmeal. Although I am not a die-hard oatmeal fan, before I started this whole deal I definitely ate some plain oatmeal on some mornings to change it up a bit. This recipe excited me  (even though, as you can see, it has a few eggs in it) but I am ok with that, they were disguised.

Mark’s Daily Apple “No-atmeal”

Let’s just say, the result was very very yummy and something I will definitely make again when I just can’t eat an egg in the morning. It was thick and a little sweet and very satisfying.  However. There were a few drawbacks.

For one, maybe you are a bit more prepared than me in the morning, but this recipe takes a bit of prep and some time. I am the type of person that wakes up, throws on some clothes and walks out the door. I have tried to be more organized, but alas, I am not. I bet once I memorize the recipe it will definitely be easier… and chopping nuts in a food processor at 7:30 in the morning is not the way I like to get jolted into the day. My suggestion, get all of the ingredients ready the night before. 

And the other thing is that this recipe makes a lot. I gave myself a pretty big helping and still had quite a bit left over. Unfortunately,  it is just me eating this, so some of it went to waste, which makes me cringe a bit, but I didn’t know how it would keep in the refrigerator. 

Overall, a pretty good breakfast, and now, on to lunch!

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