Farmer’s Market and Weekend Activities

Hooray!! The Tulsa Farmers Market is officially open and guess what?? Walking distance from my house. That my friends, is very exciting. Now, on Saturday mornings I can roll out of bed a little bit early and walk down the block to pick some amazing food up before Crossfit at 10 am. Sounds wonderful and exactly what I did this weekend. I was very happy to get a grass fed chuck roast and a few basil plants. I keep wanting to make pesto, but buying herbs from the store is ridiculously expensive. So for $4.00 I was able to get two plants. Now I just have to plant them! And if you love pesto like I do, here is a great recipe for some Pesto Chicken Roll ups. AND a great site for easy Paleo Meals…

Feed Me Paleo- Pesto Stuffed Chicken

DELICIOUS. I have made this dish twice, the first time I rolled the chicken up and the second time I just brushed the pesto on. Both very good, but the second was was a bit easier and way less messy.

This weekend was interesting to say the least. For one, Saturday included a fundraiser for an alternative high school in Tulsa called Street School. Our friend was on the board and got four of us to go as KISS for their Hardest Rocker Contest. Let me just tell you, I worked on sewing these costumes for about 4 weeks and boy did it pay off. I think we looked great and ended up winning! That was a blast. Here’s a little pic of the costumes.

And, despite the alcohol indulgence, I was able to eat strict Paleo. We ordered food before the fundraiser, which included grilled chicken, no bun or cheese and a side salad. I also brought some cashew/cranberries with me. This helped curve my appetite so I didn’t have to eat the appetizer buffet. So I stayed clear, although some women next to us were eating what looked to be “heaven on a plate” desert and I had to avert my eyes. Sigh. I wonder when my sweet tooth will cease to whisper sweet nothings in my ear.


Breakfast- turkey lunch meat, avocado, larabar

Lunch- eggs, strawberries, a turkey sausage patty

Dinner- grilled chicken, tomato, side salad with cucumbers and tomatoes


Snacked all day- cashews/cranberries, banana, turkey lunch meat

Dinner- flank steak (YUM) broccoli/cauliflower, strawberries for desert

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