A blip in the System…

I had a night of weakness. Well ok, it wasn’t as much of  a weakness as more of a planned cheat night. I knew it was coming, and even planned for it, mentally preparing myself to allow the cheat but then promising myself that I would get right back on track the next day. I had been doing this Paleo deal for about two weeks and hadn’t step out-of-bounds the entire time, not even once. So I thought to myself, one night will be ok, right?

It happened to be one of those situations that no one in their right mind would pass up if offered. I have to believe that even the strictest of Paleo people would agree. Two of our friends are newlyweds and the Chef that caters all of their families events, including their wedding, promised them, as their wedding gift, that he would come over to their house and cook them a fabulous meal with a great wine pairing. So they planned a night and invited some friends, one of the them was me, and I jumped at a chance to have a world-class chef cook for me. See? I know you  wouldn’t be able to pass this one up either.

Let’s just say, we arrived at 7 pm and ate until midnight covering all nine courses he made paired with over 11 bottles of wine. All of his ingredients were the best quality, most of which he picked up on his worldly travels. So as you can see, I called this my planned cheat night. I wasn’t going to even try to resist, saying “no thank you” to about everything he brought out because it had some sort of Paleo no-no in it. It was either go and eat up or don’t go at all. Plus, I felt that refusing anything he put in front of us would just be flat-out rude. With only 8 people sitting at the table, it is definitely noticeable when you aren’t touching your plate. So with all inhibitions aside, I indulged.

Overall I am glad I allowed myself this night. However, I will have to say that I was struck with a food hangover that night and the entire next day. For one, he had some amazing cheeses in most of his dishes, great taste, bad for me. I hadn’t eaten that much cheese in probably a year or more so that really didn’t agree with my stomach. I felt nauseous the whole next day and nothing would help. Note to self, no more cheese…and hopefully I won’t have another opportunity like that for a long…long… long time.

    • yallit
    • April 19th, 2010

    You have been doing so wonderful! This weekend was hard for me. I hate a few cheats, but I feel good and I’m ready to tackle another week! I hope you managed to stay away from cheese this weekend:)

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