I’m late, I’m late for a very important date

I think the words “busy week” might be an understatement for how my week has been going. I never actually realized how inconvenient eating Paleo was until now. Has anyone else ever had a week from hell that has left them driving around wondering where they could ‘forage’ for some cave man food. Because, that is what I was doing tonight. It was too late to go to the grocery store and cook something and I couldn’t think of one restaurant that had anything Paleo friendly in the slightest.

Coming off of a weekend away leaves one’s refrigerator bare. Especially if there aren’t any processed foods lying around. Obviously all of my food is fresh and has a finite lifespan, meaning it was like, “hurry up and eat it because it won’t be good on Monday” mentality. Well that was true and Monday came along with only a few eggs and some packed tuna for meals. Sigh.

Now it’s one thing to come back from vacation and have a bare refrigerator. Then it is an entirely different scenario to come back from vacation and be unable to go to the grocery store because you’re just too darn busy. Enter my life. This week just happens to be one of the busiest times for me at work. Part of my job includes event planning and this week is our agency’s biggest fundraiser of the year and guess who is planning and facilitating the entire thing?? Your’s truly. Yep, I’ve been slammed. So slammed that going to the grocery store seems like the absolute farthest thing in my mind. After long hours at work, trying to get in a WOD here and there, my fridge has been left bare and lonely. It actually creeks when I open it. I feel like I am on a crime show when they open the fridge and all that is left in there is a carton of old chinese and a beer. (ok, that is not what is in my sad lonely fridge, but it currently holds only a jar of salsa and some lemon juice.

So to say I’ve been scrounging for breakfast, lunch and dinner is an understatement. Tonight, like I said was the worst. My mind started to wander back to the old days when I could just pop over to a local fast casual restaurant, grab something and eat in 15 minutes. Oh how I longed for those days. But they are in the past, and I am in the Paleo present. Begrudgingly I went to the Deli down the street from me and ordered their “nutty mixed up salad” sans feta and dressing. It was a good mix of greens, cranberries, walnuts, apples, grapes and chicken. I added my own lemon dressing at home and viola, dinner in a gif. Now, would I have rather cooked my own meal, of course. But desperate times call for desperate measures and my stomach was definitely saying it had reached desperate measures.

Do any fellow Paleo-ers out there have any good tips for a Paleo solution after a long, stressful, bare fridge day?

    • yallit
    • May 7th, 2010

    We’ve had some times like that, too. As weird as this sounds, Braum’s has excellent produce and they have meat there, too. You could always run up there and grab something. Or you could come to your neighbor’s house and beg for handouts. We made the cauliflower “rice” again last night and it was delicious! Sadly, there is no healthy fast food in our city. The restaurants that claim to be healthful are actually terrible! They are all loaded with carbs and dairy. You could always get a salad from Subway, but I’d just rather go hungry.

    • CJM
    • May 7th, 2010

    You’re right, I would rather go hungry for days than eat one of those “salads” at Subway. They are one of the most miserable things in the world. But I will have to try out this neighbor’s house you speak of one of these days. I hear she is a pretty good cook.

    • yallit
    • May 14th, 2010

    I miss you. And I’m ready for you to make another post.

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