Updates, Updates from Paleo Land

Well I have been on this Paleo Challenge for about 7 weeks now which, believe me, is a lot longer than I expected. Despite the fact that I “bought” in and decided to do this Paleo Challenge at our gym, I hadn’t really given myself up fully. Whether it was consciously or subconsciously, I had always given myself an “out”. For example, something like, “if I don’t see any results in the first two weeks then I can go back to the way I was eating”, or “I can have some cheat meals during the week since I eat pretty good in the first place”. I had put these things in place to give myself an excuse if I couldn’t cut it…to give myself an “out”. If my will power was weak and I allowed myself to fall off the wagon and not get back on, it was ok, because I had told myself this would happen. Basically, I had set myself up for failure.

Now, 7 weeks into the Challenge I am not only shocked but impressed with my perseverance. Sure, there were times I cheated, as you may have read, but I didn’t use those times as excuses to stop the challenge, I just picked myself up, dusted myself off and began the next day with a renewed spirit and positive motivation. When I have hit some challenging weeks trying to figure out how to eat Paleo on a budget and strict schedule I just did the best I could, eating clean, focusing on making food that I could eat the next day that would be easy to grab and a way to take the stress out of all of my meals. I have learned how to go to a restaurant and deny the urge to get what I know I shouldn’t be eating, or ask for no cheese on the salad when it would be so easy to, forget the request and have to eat the feta. But every time I have  chosen the Paleo road and it is not only surprising but inspiring to myself. I know that I can now take on any challenge and even though there might be times when I trip and stumble a bit I can always reach my goal.

I would rather be the one who falls down multiple times and gets back up than the one who walks way without ever pushing myself to see what I could be. I can do this.

And now, enough talk. Lets post some recipes!! Well I haven’t gotten to try this one yet, but it is on my list. I have frequently had meals, stuffed with meat and veggies, wishing I had some sort of bread like substance to make up for the unchanging texture I was eating. And TaDa! My wish was fulfilled. I found this little gem on a Paleo website I was perusing called, Cavegirl in the Kitchen  Here you have it…Crepes!

Basic Crepes/Wraps

5 eggs

1/2 Cup + 2 TB almond flour

2 tsp raw honey (warmed)

pinch of salt

Pam, for the pan to cook the crepes

1. Whisk the first 4 ingredients together.
2. Put in the fridge to chill for 10-15 mins
3. Heat an 8″ pan (or crepe maker if you have one) on Med-Low.
4. Brush the pan with butter and pour in about 1/3 cup of the mixture. Tilt the pan around until it makes a thin layer
5. Watch closely as it will only take a short time for the bottom of the crepe to brown. Gently loosen the edges with a spatula and flip
6. Cool on a rack and enjoy! This recipe made 4 crepes.

I am hoping to make these tonight! I’ll let you know how they go.

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