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When is this s*** going to kick in?

I don’t want to say that I expected to see some sort of results by now, but… Well ok, maybe I did. I was Paleo blog stalking before this whole Challenge began and reading the results of the many who have taken this same challenge. Whether that be a 30 day challenge, 12 week challenge, etc. these crazy Crossfiters all pledged to give this Paleo thing a try. And I swear that many claimed to be seeing results in the first week. I read many posts alleging that they dropped 5 pounds in the first week, saw their performance sky-rocket or witness visible differences in their body, ie: clothes fitting looser or flatter stomaches. Wow, that is awesome…but can’t say the same thing for me. My weight has stayed the same and I see no differences in my body. Definitely a downer in this whole process.

Now, I will admit, I didn’t have a ton to lose. After getting my body fat measured which was an interesting array of pinching skin… a humbling experience may I add, I know that my body couldn’t support losing like 30 pounds. Yeah, ok I am being realistic. However, I was hoping that some sort of results would keep me motivated to continue this whole deal. I haven’t cheated food wise yet, with the only indulgence being the alcohol, something I am pretty proud of. I will be the first person to justify that extra piece of chocolate or the small amount of something bad because, “this won’t hurt me”. My will power is strong, but my motivation isn’t.

If you have taken this challenge, or even gone a step further and changed your lifestyle, how long did it take you to see results? And when you started seeing results, what did you notice?

On a side note: I am very excited that I have successfully completed the Burpee Challenge at our affiliate, Crossfit Jenks. On January 1, 2010 we started the 100 burpee challenge which consisted of 1 burpee day 1, 2 burpees day 2, 3 burpees day 3, all the way up to April 10th which was Day 100. Me oh my did it get rough…there were a few days in the 80s and 90s when I was literally doing burpees in my living room and thinking to myself, what the hell was I thinking. But 100 days later I am happy to say that I am done with the burpee challenge. And a big bonus to me was that I designed the t-shirt that all of the challenge winners will be proudly wearing this year. Here is a sneak peek:


Breakfast left over No-atmel (Actually not bad warmed up later) 2 strawberries, 2 oz turkey lunch meat, 1 tbsp avocado

Lunch- salad with sunflower seeds (lemon dressing) 4 oz baked rosemary chicken-delicious) apple, hard-boiled egg