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A few thoughts

Paleo this week has been great! I have been able to stick to the eating plan and keep it clean! I went shopping on Monday night and grabbed a ton of great fresh things including zucchini and squash, cilantro for my cilantro shrimp and a ton of fruit including this beautiful picture here: Oh my Strawberry/Blackberry heaven! Usually blackberries are way too overpriced for me and I frequently have to pass them up. But Monday must have been my lucky day because sitting in front of me at the grocery store was a huge box of them (not those wimpy ones that hold like four blackberries, but the big mamajammas) and it was only $3!! Yay! Perfect for my budget paleo meals. So grabbing a nice beautiful box of those and two boxes of strawberries I was set for a delicious week of snacks!

This discovery couldn’t have come at a better time. About 3 weeks ago I had an intervention. I finally hit rock bottom and actually admitted to myself that I had a problem. I was addicted…addicted to cranberries and cashews. UGH. I absolutely had to cut them out. I was going through way too many cans of cashews and I wasn’t seeing any results being restrictive on Paleo. It had to be my sweet sweet delicious mixture. Since then I have been cashew/cranberry free and I feel great! I do still put cranberries on my salads but only about a teaspoon and occasionally I eat them with an almond so I can choke it down (yuck!) but alas, no more mindless munching and haphazard handfuls. I had broken away! Thank goodness. And now with summer I am hoping to eat more and more fruits and veggies!

On a side note. I have been having a particularly hard time at Crossfit. My performance in the workouts has been fine and some days even great. But one crossfit movement has been evading me. The Muscle Up..dun dun DUUUNN. Yes, the dreaded muscle up. I just can’t get those darn things to click. I have done a few legit ones in my day, a total of four or five, but I have entire days when I fail over and over again. It is so frustrating. So. My new goal is to focus on getting a muscle up and hopefully each day I will get to practice them and they will click. Fingers crossed!


Reporting back live via Veggie Land

Ok, so as promised I am reporting back on what I have found on the veggie front. Because it has only been a day and I am not superwoman, I haven’t tried any of these great veggie ideas, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging so I thought I would post a few and then update as I make each of these dishes.

Disclaimer: these are by no means my original dishes or ideas. I will post a link to each place I have gotten these from. Being new to this whole Paleo deal hasn’t really led me to spontaneously create Paleo dishes from scratch so I succumb to random blog/recipe stalking.

Broccoli and Apple Salad 

This one looks very delicious and requires only a few ingredients:

 a couple handfuls of watercress, 2 cups broccoli flowers, 2 cups sweet and sour apples diced, juice from a lemon, and olive oil. And just mix all together!

Easy right?!! I’d say so. And boy does it look pretty.

Here’s another that I am actually trying for lunch today:


Side Note: I am altering the recipe a bit and adding some protein. I just so happened to open my fridge this morning to make my lunch (procrastinator people, remember?) and realized I had nothing to make for lunch and no protein to use. Frantically I looked around my kitchen to see what I could whip up or cook quickly and I realized that nothing would suffice considering I had to be at work five minutes ago…and it takes me like 15 minutes to drive there…yikes! Thankfully, due to my blog stalking last night I found this recipe of Guacomatoes and thought that I would be perfect for me. Easy, quick and required only a few key ingredients. What could be better? So, as I sit at my desk I will be whipping up the mix of avocado and tuna, hollow out the tomatoes and stuff in the mixture. Cross your fingers for me.

I will also be working on a cucumber and tomato salad. Since it is the season for both of these ingredients, I am happy that I will be able to acquire fresh, straight from the garden ingredients. I, unfortunately, do not have a garden of my own, so I will be taking advantage of all of the wonderful vendors at the Cherry Street Farmers Market this Saturday. YUMMY.

Here is a link for the Cucumber/Tomato Salad